Quotes on Canadian Peacekeeping 

Collated by Walter Dorn, 9 August 2019



"It is surprising that Canada, despite its almost unsurpassed record of participation in peacekeeping since its invention, and indeed the Canadian claim that Lester Pearson invented it, has contributed so little to doctrinal development, particularly with regard to the use of force."
          –  Findlay, Trevor. The Use of Force in UN Peace Operations. SIPRI/OUP, 2002, p.407


"I need brains. I don't need the quantities," he said. "Your officer training is top level in the world. More importantly, you have French language skills as well, which we need when we provide advice for our Malian friends."   
         – Gen. Esa Pulkkinen, director general of the EU's military staff. [He] told The Canadian Press that he has asked the Canadian government to bring its military training expertise to Mali.
              Source: EU military wants to partner with Canada in Mali as it races for exit, 25 March 2019,